MCM Backpack I wish to have…

Hi Guys! This time i wish to share a bagpack! A bagpack that cost S$1,000 plus? or more? This is how the bagpack look like…

ImageThis Bagpack… is i always wanted! But because the price, my parents can’t really afford! But lucky, they managed to fork S$1,000 for me! YEA! But if the bag is more than S$1,000, the leftover money i have to pay by myself! But better than nothing, right? HAHA!:)

There are 4 designs that i wish to share and also my favorite designs, also… Can help me choose which is the nicest? Thanks in advance!

Okay! First Bagpack: Stark  Visetos Bagpack


This is NICE, right? Is simple and cool too… Love the studs… I like the Watermelon red one:) But i think the cognac colour is the most unique colour? I don’t know…

Naxt, is the Stark Bagpack too, but the studs is at different place


I love the studs to be like this( picture), of course, i also like the blue colour… So bright and everyone can notice you when you take this? So confusing for choosing the colours…

The third bagpack i going to show also the different arrangement of the studs, this time, only the front have studs, just like the first bag, the only difference is that, even the front pocket also have studs, like this:


Amazing… I think i just crazy about this brand’s products!:) I love STUDS!

Okay, the last bagpack to share, actually, this bagpack i going to show, is my first choice to buy. But because the colour is black, the MCM logos can’t be really seen, so it look like a normal bagpack than the branded kind? I don’t know…

ImageOf course, i want the Bagpack, not the right side one… Anyway, I love how they arranged the studs! A bag that easy to match with! If i not wrong, this bagpack design came out only just this year, spring and summer! I am sure the price is going to be NICE too!

Also, many KOREA celebrities also take this type of bagpack, going to show you guys!



Celebrities, like TVXQ, T-ara, Secret, Big Bang, 2NE1, Teen Top, MBLAQ, Infinite, Super Junior, Rain, Girls’ Generation, EXO, B.A.P and many more…

I think MCM is quite cheap in Korea? I mean, is cheaper than you buy in your own country? So, if you got friends or relatives going Korea, do ask them for the price in korea won.

Last thing, i found a bagpack with this brand, but i think if you buy this bagpack, u going to “poke” a lot of people especially you going to ride a transport with a lot people. I think the bagpack also quite funny…


This Bagpack is cool, but i think is limited edition? Interesting design too!

Btw, i did not tell you the history of MCM, here’s the history. Mode Creation Munich, often shortened to the brand name MCM, is an originally German luxury brand, founded by Michael Cromer in Munich in 1975; it is now based in South Korea. MCM is headed by chairwoman and CEO Sung-Joo Kim with Michael Michalsky as its main designer. The company has offices in eight countries with over seventy boutiques worldwide and has become most famous for its luxury handbag collection. Recently the company has found new life with its vintage briefcases and hats garnering attention.

You guys can check it out, and do comment it!  Hope you enjoy this post, and help me choose the bagpacks and what colour should i take! Thanks A Lot!  BYE!


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